When people are stably housed, they have fewer recorded non-violent offenses. For example, people commit fewer survival crimes (offenses like theft, robbery, trespassing, and loitering), which are chief reasons people with low-level offenses are re-incarcerated. Download Brochure


Hope House is more than just a building. We are a resident-centered, alcohol- and drugfree community for previously incarcerated men (“Hope House Residents” or “Residents”). We are guided by our board of directors and by our house policy. Through community partnerships we connect Residents. The purpose of Hope House is to provide a safe and healthy living environment to initiate and sustain recovery and improvement in one’s physical, mental, spiritual, and social wellbeing. Individuals build resources while living in a recovery residence that will continue to support their recovery as they transition to living independently and productively in the community.

Our Mission Statement

We are a recovery focused resident-centered, alcohol- and drug-free community for previously incarcerated individuals who are identified with substance abuse behavior. Hope House will provide its residents with connection and the tools necessary for their successful transition into community. We love our residents until they learn to love themselves.