Hope House Board of Directors

Severn Shores

Board President
Wyoming Department of Corrections Wyoming Deputy Reentry Program Manager

Stephanie Means

Partner/CPA Lenhart, Mason and Associates, LLC

Vicki Orcutt

Founder Hope House-Board Secretary
Hope House was founded by Vicki Orcutt, a Casper businesswoman who began taking courses in addictionology after becoming concerned about the cycle of drug use and incarceration in Wyoming. While taking courses at Casper College, Vicki met a man named Christopher who had spent most of his life in prison and was about to be released. Christopher had no idea how to navigate life on the outside.

After doing further advocacy on Christopher’s behalf, Vicki created a community of support for Christopher. Today, Christopher owns his own home, has a management-level career, and has custody of his two children. Walking alongside Christopher inspired Vicki to create Hope House out of the belief that recovery requires connection to community. We love them until they learn to love themselves.

Ian Alvastad

Board Member
GPS Foreman, Estimator 71 Construction

Trelene De Fry

Board Member
MS LPC, Solutions Counseling Services, LLC

Amanda Jones

Board Member
Probation and Parole Deputy Agent

Erin Ford

Board Member
MS, LPC, Director of Counseling, Casper College Campus Wellness Center

Kolby McConnell

Board Member
Chesapeake Energy and Production-Foreman
Dave Matthews

Dave Matthews

Director and Board Member
I am the Director at Hope House. I am in recovery myself and have a heart for those coming from incarceration to make a fresh start. My main hope for the house is to have a place where we show in our actions, what healthy recovery looks like. Through accountability, care, and compassion, we are determined to stay strong together.

Our Mission Statement

We are a recovery focused resident-centered, alcohol- and drug-free community for previously incarcerated individuals who are identified with substance abuse behavior. Hope House will provide its residents with connection and the tools necessary for their successful transition into community. We love our residents until they learn to love themselves.